Top Healthy Beauty Tips To Keep Busy Women Healthy

Whether you’re a career woman, a full-time mom or a budding entrepreneur, our days can get hectic and we tend to put our needs at the bottom of our daily priorities and responsibilities.  Here are easy healthy beauty tips that you can implement that will not take too much time away from your busy schedule – adding one habit at a time will help take care of your skin and overall health.

Healthy Beauty Tip: Do Not Touch Your Face

Make it a habit not to touch your face and only after you wash your hands with soap and dry with a clean towel.  Keep your fingernails short since long nails keep lots of germs. Dr. Julia Tzu, a NYC-based dermatologist, says this is very important not to touch your face. It doesn’t just spread bacteria and cause breakouts — it can lead to scarring, an increase in wrinkles, and even the flu.

Healthy Beauty Tip:

Stay Hydrated 

Drink lots of water throughout the day is one of the obvious healthy beauty tips but often overlooked.  Research suggests that high water consumption can positively affect your skin’s appearance. It is important to stay hydrated throughout the day as it helps with skin physiology and overall health.  The average woman should be drinking 11.5 cups per day (Source).

Staying hydrated also helps with our energy levels and brain function. Your brain is strongly influenced by hydration status.  Studies show that even mild dehydration (1-3% of body weight) can impair many aspects of brain function. In a study of young women, fluid loss of 1.36% after exercise impaired both mood and concentration, and increased the frequency of headaches (Source).

Avoid using harsh cleansers and never skip moisturizing in your skincare routine are important healthy beauty tips.

Hydrate Your Skin

Drinking water helps skin and overall health and is a prelude emphasizing the importance of hydrating your skin with moisturizer.  After lunch or during the day, if you decide to rinse your face, make sure to use a pH balanced gentle cleanser without harsh or toxic chemicals including sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)and moisturize your skin.  Try Soul Story pH balanced Purifying Cleansing Foam, gentle cleanser.  

Avoid using harsh cleansers and never skip moisturizing in your skincare routine are important healthy beauty tips. It is especially important when we are sitting indoors all day with circulated air (in air conditioning or in heating). For example, air conditioners are known to lower air humidity. And over time, low humidity absorbs moisture from your skin and dry it out. Research shows that dehydrated skin is less flexible, duller, and can’t repair itself effectively.  “A lack of water means less radiance and more sag,” says Dr. Mona Gohara, a dermatologist in Connecticut, USA


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Healthy Beauty Tip: Wear Sunscreen 365 Days a Year – Rain or Shine

Sunscreen is essential to a good skincare routine.  The vast majority of aging signs on the skin come from unprotected skin exposure.  It is estimated that over 90% of aging skin problems (including wrinkles and brown spots) are caused by UVA rays.  Sunburn, caused by UVB rays, can occur year-round. Therefore it’s important to use broad-spectrum sunscreen to prevent UVA and UVB damage. “Many people feel they only need to protect themselves on sunny days or when visiting the beach,” says Dr. Debbie Palmer, a New York dermatologist. “But the truth is that we need to protect our skin even when we’re driving a car, flying in an airplane, or running errands. It’s the daily UV exposure that contributes to the visible signs of aging.”

alt=”Sunscreen is essential to a good skincare routine. The vast majority of aging signs on the skin come from unprotected skin exposure.”

Even sitting indoors, protect your skin by applying sunscreen every day. UVA rays tend to remain pretty constant all year long.  UVA rays also penetrate through glass and clouds, which means they’re streaming into your windowed office, home and as well as your car.  Try healthy Sun Warrior Sunscreen with SPF 50+ and broad spectrum protection.  

Reapply sunscreen every few hours throughout the day especially after you sweat off your sunscreen from a hot day or a workout as sunscreen are not made sweat-proof.

‘Consistency’, how you treat your skin every day is important to achieve and maintain healthy skin complexion.  In general, all these healthy beauty tips will not work without being consistent.

‘Consistency’, how you treat your skin every day is important to achieve and maintain healthy skin complexion.

Healthy Beauty Tip: Go Green

Having living plants in your work and living space will help reduce your stress level and sick days.  Here are three solid reasons you need live plants around you:

Improve Air Quality

First, plants act as air-filters by turning carbon dioxide into oxygen and therefore, improving indoor air quality.  Better air quality will increase oxygen to your lungs and brain.

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Second, they can reduce your sick days. The NASA Clean Air Study reports that certain indoor plants have the ability to remove toxic agents from the air, helping greatly to neutralize the effects of what’s called “Sick Building Syndrome” or SBS.  It is a term related to the acute health and comfort effects of spending a prolonged amount of time in a building.  

“Ideally, you want plants that will ‘scrub’ the air of pathogens, improve the office’s mix of bacteria, and survive in low light with little care,” Eddie van Etten and Pierre Horwitz wrote for The Conversation. Similarly, while offices can be a breeding ground for bacteria which cause viruses, Etten and Horwitz say that plant-associated bacteria could actually be good for you. “Beneficial bacteria on indoor plants and in their soil are an important addition to the office, stabilizing the ecology of the built synthetic environment,” they added.  “Plant-associated bacteria could also help to avoid outbreaks of pathogens and balancing the complex network of the ecosystem. “A wholesome balance may reduce the incidence of viral illness and the number of sick days among staff.”

Help Reduce Stress

Third, indoor plants help reduce stress and anxiety levels.  The US National Library of Medicine and the National Center for Biotechnology Information report, “participants exposed to the hospital room with indoor plants reported less stress than those in the control condition. Mediation analysis confirmed that indoor plants in a hospital room reduce feelings of stress through the perceived attractiveness of the room.” Try adding one or two plants to your office space and around your home to feel more at ease almost immediately.


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Go Green Sources: NASA Clean Air Study and US National Library of Medicine and the National Center for Biotechnology Information Report.


Vivian Story

Soul Story is a bespoke Korean skincare brand founded by Korean-Canadian entrepreneur, Vivian Ke Story. She splits her time in Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok, and Seoul where she works with Korean dermatologists and skincare specialists to formulate and select ingredients. Each product is formulated to help with sensitive skin, eliminate dullness, dryness, clogged pores and poor skin texture.

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