Must Haves Ingredients For Healthy Skin Complexion

Soul Story believes skincare is a key part of taking care of your health. After all, your skin is your largest organ, and it is only natural to create healthy skincare inspired by nature.  For years we’ve been emphasizing the need to avoid abrasive and toxic ingredients, but what ingredients should you look for in your skincare range for the best results to achieve and maintain skin health?  Here are four must-have ingredients in your everyday skincare products:

Soul Story believes skincare is a key part of taking care of your health. After all, your skin is your largest organ, and it is only natural to create healthy skincare inspired by nature.

Natural Fragrance For Healthy Skin Complexion

If you have dry to sensitive skin or allergies, synthetic fragrances are another culprit that can dry your skin surface, irritate the cells, and cause acne breakouts. There are more than 5,000 different fragrances currently used in various cosmetic products. In fact, in any one product alone, combinations of 200 or more chemicals may be added to attain that so-called perfect scent.  Source: Fragrance Allergies

Whether you have sensitive skin or not, the natural reaction to fragrances almost always cause a sensitizing reaction on skin. If what you’re using hasn’t caused an adverse reaction, then you’re likely in the clear (at least for now).

Solution: Use skincare products that do not contain synthetic fragrances.  Look for products labeled “synthetic fragrance-free”. If you see “unscented”, it will most likely still contain fragrances used to mask the smell of other ingredients in the product formulation.

Soul Story made a skin-health decision to remove ‘synthetic fragrance’ from our pH balanced Purifying Cleansing Foam and Hydrating Hero gel cream to increase the level of its purity. This is especially important to those users with dry, combination, and sensitive skin since synthetic fragrances in facial cleansers can cause redness, itchiness, and sometimes hives.


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Natural Anti-aging Ingredient to Achieve Healthy Skin Complexion

Panax Ginseng, a.k.a. Korean Red Ginseng is a superhero herb, also referred to as the “root of immortality”.  It was only natural for Soul Story to incorporate this powerful herb as one of the top 10 key ingredients in Hydrating Hero’s formulation. 

As the body ages it loses its ability to fight the effects of free radicals

This is how Korean Red Ginseng works as a natural and potent remedy to combat anti-aging: 

~ It helps boost blood circulation to the skin, strengthening the skin from within.

~ Red Ginseng stimulates cellular renewal, strengthens the skin’s immunity to harmful environmental influences, especially pollution. 

~ It provides abundant amount of antioxidants to help fight free radicals, minimizing oxidative stress and therefore causing less damage to cells that leads to signs of skin aging. 

~ Finally, Red Ginseng contains anti-inflammatory qualities that help firm the skin and reduce fine lines.  

Must Have Ingredients To Achieve Healthy Skin Complexion

Korean Red Ginseng benefits all skin types, including sensitive skin, since the roots contains numerous bioactive compounds, including saponins, polysaccharides, pectin, sugar, vitamins B1, B2, B12, pantothenic acid and minerals.   

 “Ginseng has a complex of polysaccharides and glycoproteins, which form a weightless film on the surface that helps to firm and smooth the appearance of fine lines.” ~ Unknown

More reasons why it’s a powerful key ingredient in moisturizing skin!   

Meet Hydrating Hero: a gel cream to renew and refresh skin. It’s lightweight and non-greasy texture delivers immediate moisture for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.  Suitable for day and night, Hydrating Hero is powered by Red Ginseng to aid in anti-aging and provide antioxidants to hydrate and brighten skin complexion.

Niacinamide aka Vitamin B3 to Achieve Healthy Skin Complexion

Nicotinamide, also known as niacinamide, is a form of vitamin B₃.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s perfectly fine to use niacinamide and vitamin C together! Interestingly, humans are unable to produce vitamin B3 naturally but this multi functioning vitamin helps improve overall skin health. Niacinamide repairs skin from everyday pollution by improving the skin barrier function.  It improves skin texture as it smooths fine lines, wrinkles and reduces enlarged pores. It is most well known to help brighten skin complexion but also helps with hyper pigmentation and oily skin by controlling the production of sebum.  Finally, since Niacinamide contains anti-inflammatory properties it improves uneven skin tones and reduces blemishes, acne, fade acne scars and redness.  

If you experience sensitive skin, just be sure to patch test beforehand when using products that contain Vitamin C and Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) 

Did you know Niacinamide is found in all of Soul Story products?    

Antioxidants to Achieve Healthy Skin Complexion

We know that Vitamin C  and green tea are excellent sources of antioxidants for our skin and overall health. Here is how well-formulated skincare products containing antioxidants benefits your skin:  

The antioxidant properties from Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, and its role in collagen production make it a vital ingredient for skin health.  Antioxidants are compounds that prevent oxidation, a chemical reaction that produces free radicals, causing skin damage. This is why antioxidants are paramount in protecting skin through reducing UV damage and hyperpigmentation, including sun spots and acne scars.  

Kiwi fruit contains a large amount of Vitamin C which helps collagen production and slows down the appearance of aging skin.

Look for natural ingredients that provide a great source of antioxidants in your skincare.  For example, Actinidia Chinensis, also known as kiwi fruit,  is a rich source of antioxidants, vital for neutralizing harmful free radicals from within the body and the environment.  Kiwi fruit contains a large amount of Vitamin C which helps collagen production and slows down the appearance of aging skin. Camellia Sinensis, also known as green tea, is rich in polyphenols that deliver anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to combat free radical damage caused by the sun’s UV rays.  It also helps to slow the aging process, maintain the vitality of the skin, and improve its natural tone and glow.

Try Sun Warrior Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++ Broad Spectrum. An oil-free and fast-absorbing facial and neck sunscreen that delivers dual-action protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. The lightweight formula is perfect to wear daily over your moisturizer and under makeup. Sun Warrior Sunscreen is formulated with Camellia Sinensis to help fight free radicals.

When you really dig deep and uncover the incredible power of these ingredients,  you are forever rendered with rich anti-aging and antioxidant properties that goes far beyond external beauty. 


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Vivian Story

Soul Story is a bespoke Korean skincare brand founded by Korean-Canadian entrepreneur, Vivian Ke Story. She splits her time in Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok, and Seoul where she works with Korean dermatologists and skincare specialists to formulate and select ingredients. Each product is formulated to help with sensitive skin, eliminate dullness, dryness, clogged pores and poor skin texture.

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