Healing A Broken Heart | 10 Best Things To Do  

Healing a Broken Heart | 10 Best Things To Do  

Healing a Broken Heart | 10 Best Things To Do

Healing a broken heart is rarely easy.  Even if you initiated the breakup, you are likely recovering from a broken heart, disappointments and failed plans of the future together.  As with any loss, working through your emotions are important to heal.

Here are stages to recovering from a heartbreak

Denial (“This can’t be the end, I’m sure he will call.”)

Anger (“I hate him.”)

Bargaining (“Maybe if I behaved differently, it would work.”)

Depression (“I never want to love again so I never feel this pain again.”)

Acceptance (“It was. And now, it is over.”)

How to recover from a broken heart

Allow yourself to feel

People universally grieve the loss of their dreams, that could have, would have, should have.  Give yourself time to feel and you will recover better.  Suppressing your feelings will only come back to haunt you later and prolong the grieving process.  And it may lead to depression.

Express how you are feeling

Talk to family and/or close friends who are good listeners.  Even better, get a professional therapist that can give you objective guidance.


Sleep has a direct link to cognitive functions such as the ability to focus and perform.  Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety. Source 


For example, sweat it out by exercising to help relieve stress and sadness.  Exercising releases endorphins to boost your mood.  Feeling stronger and healthier will also help lift your mood and energy level.  50 Ways to Help Change Negative Feelings


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Watch a stand up comedy show or movie.  Laughing and looking for the humor in things is so beneficial that it can ease pain.  Laughing also boosts your immune system and helps you connect with other people. Source: Mayo Clinic

Healing a Broken Heart: Meditate, even if you start with only 5 minutes.

Healing a Broken Heart: Meditate, even if you start with only 5 minutes.

Apply New Mindful Habits

Meditate, even if you start with only 5 minutes.  Meditation has long been known as an incredible tool in managing emotions.  Beginners Guided Meditation 

Show Gratitude

Keep a gratitude journal and, every day write three things you are grateful for that day.  People who are able to feel grateful have healthier hearts. They show a better well-being, by feeling less depressed, less fatigue and overall, they sleep better. Source: University of California San Diego

Healing a Broken Heart | Keep a gratitude journal

Healing a Broken Heart | Keep a gratitude journal

Pick up a new hobby

Find a hobby to release your creative side or develop a new skill to help you relax.  A new hobby will help boost your confidence level and perhaps be an opportunity to meet new people.

Don’t rush into a new relationship

To avoid being alone, people often jump into another relationship to fill the void.  It is essential to go through the emotions and heal.  Self refection will also helps you create a healthy, new relationship in the future.  The Best Things About Living A Single Life

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Stay positive

Remain hopeful that you will find love again.  Someone who will be a better fit for you. Treat your failed relationship as a learning experience.

Know you are lovable and you are enough. More importantly, know that how you are feeling right now will pass.  Take one day at a time and if you find that overwhelming, take it one hour at a time.

I’m going to tell you something: thoughts are never honest.  Emotions are. ~Albert Camus

Have patience, heart. ~ Homer

What else do you recommend to recover from a heart break?

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