Made In Korea With Love

By Vivian Story / November 10, 2017 /

Hello Story Seoul Friends, Big news! After several months of planning we are pleased to announce that the Story Seoul Skincare brand will officially trade as Soul Story Beauty from today.  In line with the change in name, we have a great new website, trademark and social media presence: Website: Facebook: Soul Story Seoul…

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Healthy Skincare for Sensitive Skin

By Team Soul Story / October 23, 2017 /

  Two main reasons why Soul Story’s healthy skincare products do not contain alcohol such as ethanol for people with sensitive skin: 1) Dries out the skin that can cause skin irritation and triggering rosacea flare-up (redness). 2) Prevents the absorption of vitamin A, lack of this vitamin can lead to signs of premature aging.

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Soul Story Beauty Tips: Moisturize Your Face Everyday

By Team Soul Story / October 19, 2017 /

#StorySeoulBeautyTips: Moisturize your face everyday!   Moisturizing your face everyday will help you look and feel younger, giving you a softer, more elastic and hydrated skin. In order to get into the habit of moisturizing, it is suggested that you do it at the same time everyday. An ideal time would be after you shower,…

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Makgeolli, the Korean alcoholic beverage that’s actually good for your skin

By Team Soul Story / July 24, 2017 /

Skin perks: One bottle of makgeolli contains as many probiotic cultures as 100 cups of yogurt, making it a treat for your digestive system and skin. Some Koreans even apply it directly to the skin. It’s also full of amino acids and vitamin B, which firm and brighten skin. What it is: Makgeolli is an effervescent rice wine that’s slightly…

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VOGUE Beauty Thailand recommends Story Seoul Essential Trio Set, 3 Step Skincare Routine For Glowing Skin

By Team Soul Story / June 26, 2017 /

Story Seoul Skincare recommended by VOGUE Magazine beauty editors! Caption: “Look after your skin with @story_seoul and its 3-step skincare routine; cleansing foam, toner and moisturizer, which will leave you with clean and healthy glowing skin. And on top of that, all the ingredients are completely non-toxic, which means that they won’t irritate or harm…

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