Fun Korean Trivia

Korean Drama That You Must Watch

By Team Soul Story / September 10, 2018 /

  The beauty of watching movies and shows is to help us to relax and take a break from reality for an hour or two. For those who are hopeless romantics, Korean romantic comedies and melodramas melts hearts, provokes emotions and often incites cheering for the underdog. Romantic comedies typically feature an unlikely romance that…

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Best Healthy Korean Dishes

By Team Soul Story / July 9, 2018 /

Best Healthy Korean Dishes About Korean Cuisine What makes Korean food considered healthy is the proportionally high consumption of vegetables, moderate to high consumption of legumes and fish, and low consumption of red meat.  While Koreans are known for sophisticated beef dishes like bulgogi (grilled marinated beef), they’re also big consumers of heart-healthy seafood. A…

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Soul Story Celebrates Haenyeo, Korean Mermaids

By Team Soul Story / June 18, 2018 /

Soul Story Celebrates Haenyeo, Korean Mermaids Each year, team Soul Story celebrates ‘haenyeo’, the Korean mermaids from Jeju Island, South Korea for their bravery and strength. For centuries, haenyeo (sea women) would swim out into the cold waters of the Korea Strait and go diving 10m under the sea without the aid of breathing equipment, in…

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Useful Travel Tips To Discover Magical Seoul

By Team Soul Story / May 28, 2018 /

Useful Travel Tips To Discover Magical Seoul Pack your walking shoes and discover magical Seoul, South Korea together.  For the last five years I have been traveling to South Korea for business. Here are some of my favorite places and things to do in between meetings and on weekends. Travel Tips ~ When arriving to…

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Korean Beauty Slangs

By Vivian Story / December 11, 2017 /

Good Morning Beautiful, Here are two fun Korean slangs used in South Korea to describe their skin goal: Korean Beauty Vocab One: 촉촉 (chok chok) meaning moist and used to describe luminous skin complexion. South Korean women work on achieving 촉촉! Korean Beauty Vocab Two: 꿀피부(gul pibuu), meaning ‘honey skin’. 꿀피부 is a Korean slang, to…

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Story Seoul Skincare pay homage to the Haenyo in South Korea

By Team Soul Story / September 11, 2017 /

Haenyo, means ‘sea women’, they are the brave and strong women divers on Jeju on Udo Islands. They can deep dive 65 feet in freezing cold waters and hold their breath for several minutes with no breathing equipment. They harvest and fish for abalone, sea urchin, octopus and seaweed, century-old practice. Today, many of them are over 60 years…

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Makgeolli, the Korean alcoholic beverage that’s actually good for your skin

By Team Soul Story / July 24, 2017 /

Skin perks: One bottle of makgeolli contains as many probiotic cultures as 100 cups of yogurt, making it a treat for your digestive system and skin. Some Koreans even apply it directly to the skin. It’s also full of amino acids and vitamin B, which firm and brighten skin. What it is: Makgeolli is an effervescent rice wine that’s slightly…

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