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Game Changing Moisturizing Tips

By Vivian Story / March 16, 2020 /

Moisturizing correctly is important to all skin types to achieve healthy skin.  Here are some game changing moisturizing tips to up your daily and nightly skincare routines to combat aging and achieve radiant skin. Moisturizing Tips: Can Vitamin C & Vitamin B3 Work Together? Since recently launching Hydrating Hero, we’ve received a number of customer…

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5 Moisturizer Mistakes to Avoid

5 Moisturizers Mistakes to Avoid

By Vivian Story / December 9, 2019 /

By now, the majority of you already know that moisturizing morning and night are skincare essential steps to prevent skin dryness and premature signs of aging.  Avoiding common moisturizer mistakes will help improve skin texture, fight acne breakouts and soothe sensitive skin. The simple fact is that moisturizers do help with skin health as they…

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Changing Seasonal Skincare How To

By Vivian Story / November 25, 2019 /

A change in seasons requires a change in skincare routine. Your skin likes consistency, so when the temperature changes so does your skin. As the temperature drops the humidity declines.  You also tend to turn up the heat that further robs moisture from your skin. A decline in water consumption is common when the season…

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Two Biggest skincare concern: Acne and Back Acne

By Vivian Story / September 30, 2019 /

Do any of you experience back acne, ‘bacne’? Soul Story decided to tackle one of the biggest skincare concerns, acne and specifically back acne. Here is what we learned about the possible causes, prevention and solutions for bacne.   Back Acne  Whiteheads, blackheads and acne on the back are quite common, and difficult to see from…

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8 Biggest Myths About Sunscreen You Should Stop Believing

By Vivian Story / September 2, 2019 /

By now, many of you know the importance of applying broad spectrum sunscreen to combat UVA and UVB rays that penetrate through windows and overcast days.  Proper sunscreen protection is paramount to your everyday skin care routine to combat aging.  Even if you’re using expensive serums and creams for anti-aging, walking around exposed to UV…

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8 Best Skincare Travel Tips To Achieve Healthy Skin

By Vivian Story / August 26, 2019 /

The joys of travelling can also take a toll on our skin cells, body and overall health.  Here are eight best skincare travel tips to achieve healthy skin and travel like a globetrotter. It’s important to be diligent on how we treat ourselves before, during and after our flights to enjoy our destinations.   Keep Your…

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Top 5 Face Washing Mistakes to Avoid for Healthy Skin

By Vivian Story / August 12, 2019 /

Face washing regularly and using healthy facial cleansers play an incredibly powerful role in anti-aging skincare and achieving healthy skin complexion and texture. It is particularly important to walk away from cleansers that strip natural oils and make your skin feel tight. A tight and dry feeling after you wash your face does not necessarily…

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Top Healthy Beauty Tips To Keep Busy Women Healthy

By Vivian Story / June 17, 2019 /

Whether you’re a career woman, a full-time mom or a budding entrepreneur, our days can get hectic and we tend to put our needs at the bottom of our daily priorities and responsibilities.  Here are easy healthy beauty tips that you can implement that will not take too much time away from your busy schedule…

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Best Sunscreen Refresher 101 To Achieve Healthy Skin

By Vivian Story / June 10, 2019 /

The most important skincare step in your skincare routine for anti-aging is sunscreen as  UV rays cause 90% of premature skin aging including wrinkles, sagging skin and hyperpigmentation.  It’s important to remember that sunscreen is not just for sunny days as UV rays can still penetrate the cloud cover, windows and beach & rain umbrellas.…

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alt="Why Fragrance-Free Facial Cleansers Really Matter"

Why Fragrance-Free Facial Cleansers Really Matter

By Vivian Story / May 13, 2019 /

The smell of a skincare product that you use every day is very important. In general, you wouldn’t choose a facial cleanser that smells unpleasant or overpowering.  A pleasant scent helps cover the natural skincare smell and entices consumers to try a new skincare product.  But if you have dry, combination or sensitive skin, a…

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