Rid Yourself of Acne for Good Part 1

Acne is most common among teenagers, though it affects adults, you may experience acne caused by a combination of “inflammation in your  skin, high oil levels, acne-causing bacteria, and sticky skin cells within your follicles blocking oil from freely flowing out,” says Joshua Zeichner, a NYC based M.D. explains.  This is one of a three part series about acne.

Often, acne can be caused by more than one contributing factor and here are some culprits with solutions to help minimize acne breakouts.

Your Phone

Phones are extremely dirty as it accumulates bacteria, facial oil and other environment toxins.  “A study was done showing our phones have more bacteria on them than a public restroom”, says Dr. Zeichner.  As you use your phones and touch your face or have direct contact while talking on the phone, the transfer of germs will increase chances of clogging pores that lead to acne breakouts.

Solutions: When talking to someone, use a headset to avoid your phone spreading acne-causing bacteria on your face. And get into the habit of wiping your phone to remove oil, bacteria and other germs.

Touching Your Face

Many people are guilty of touching their face while sitting in front of the computer, and/or rubbing the face while feeling stressed or nervous.  It’s a common habit without consciously knowing that it’s being done.  The major problem with this habit is that your hands and nails trap germs from consistently touching things around your space that are not clean.

“Touching your face can cause breakouts because some breakouts are triggered by bacteria, and our hands are a breeding ground for bacteria,” says Dr. Sandra Lee, M.D

Solutions: If you need to touch your face, wash your hands with soap.  Be mindful where your hands are when you are sitting in front of your computer to train yourself from minimizing how often you touch your face with unclean hands.


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Make-up Brushes & Sponges

If makeup brushes are not washed regularly, the build-up of bacteria can increase your chances of clogging your pores.

Solutions: Wash your eye make-up brushes at least once a week and other brushes and sponges once a month. Use a gentle cleaner such as one made especially for makeup brushes, or use a gentle soap. Make sure to never fully submerge your brushes in water as this will dissolve the glue holding the ferrule in place and make your brush fall apart.  Rinse with lukewarm water.

Not Changing Your Bedsheets Often

Pillowcases accumulate a buildup of bacteria and oil from your hair, scalp and face.  This is another good reason to wash your face before bedtime to minimize rubbing your makeup, face oil and daily pollutants that then rub onto your pillow.

Solutions: It is important to change your pillow cases at least twice a week and change your bed sheets weekly.  If possible, wash your bedding in hot water to kill off dust mites that can cause allergies.  If you are recovering from an acne breakout or from being sick, change your bedding more frequently.

Vitamin D Deficiency

In 2009, a paper published in “Dermo-endocrinology” notes that Vitamin D can also play an important role in the proliferation of acne. According to the authors, the fact that Vitamin D is synthesized in the skin demonstrates its importance in skin health. Furthermore, Vitamin D possesses properties of skin hormones, another factor related to acne. Source: Self

Solution: Eat Vitamin D rich foods and take Vitamin D3 supplements

Stay tune for Part 2 about acne…

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